Thursday, August 19, 2010

Round 2

I wish I could start the day over.  Its been a crazy work day with a great couple of hours at a spa, then followed with more work headaches and to top it all off prescription and pharmacy hell. 

I had done my homework the other day checking with our insurance on what is covered and what is not.  It was an easy answer...NOTHING.  So, thinking I would start another cycle of clomid, I called arounds checking self-pay costs.  Found my local Kroger was the cheapest $9 (or so they said).  I'm sceptical of this because when I got it last year with a previous insurance I paid $40. 

Today, i was prepared for the call from the doc about refill.  Well, they want me to try Femara.  Ok.  I assumed Kroger would be similar to cost, but wasn't $99 for 5 pills.  I authorized the filling and set to walk around the store for 30 mins..  It turned out after 20 mins they discovered they only had 3 pills.  On to the next pharmacy across the street.  Walgreens on the phone said 30 mins.  Another 30 mins wasted, I find out they filled my prescription at the walgreens closer to my house verse the one I had called and was at!  ARGH!! Finally, $90 later I leave my third pharmacy with the pills and head home.  I almost started crying from being tired and frustrated.  All I wanted was chocolate, but I refrained from breaking down and eating junk food.  At least one victory today. 

Once home, I jump online to learn about Vermara only to find they offer a coupon to make the prescription $10!!!  I could not decide whether to cry or laugh.  Now, frustrated even more, I go back to Walgreens and thankfully they refunded me $80.   lesson learned to not try to forecast what the doc will recommend. 

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