Friday, August 6, 2010

OPK strips are addicting

I was excited on Tuesday to finally get the 2 matching purple lines on the OPK strip and didn't freak out when it was still purple on Weds.  Thursday  i took THREE tests and two were definitely positive and I started to worry.  I spent the afternoon reading all sorts of info regarding if this was normal, OK or if my PCOS was causing the problem.  Needless to say, I took a THIRD test when we got home from a soccer game around 10pm and it was negative which got me excited again that I had O'd.  So, for good measure I thought I'd double check today at 10am with another test.  Well, I'm back to worrying a bit.  The line was very close if not the same color as the control.  I'm thinking the negative on Thursday is from all the water and beer i drank at the game.  Guess in 10 days I'll know. 

I am starting to worry that my PCOS is really going to play a bigger role in TTC than I/we had hoped.  I think our odds are good that there was potential for fertilization but those darn tests now have me worried.  I go back and forth because I did not have any surge signs until Tuesday.  I had been testing since the Friday before.  Now, I'll just be extra sensitive to what my body is feeling and wondering if it is AF or preg.  I have one more strip left, so yes, I will be testing again today. 
ARGH!!  Why is this so hard??

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