Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Clean eating attempt

I'm making decent attempts at eating clean and now with the potential of being pregnant, eating healthy is on my mind.  I'm scared to gain too much weight with pregnancy.  I'm all ready 15 lbs over and its been a daily struggle to stay at that weight and my desire to be thinner is a constant. 

I really like the eat clean diet.  As much as I don't want to admit it, this is how my mother eats and its no wonder she is thin and if she wants to eat a bag of oreo's once in a blue moon, she  doesn't freak out.  So, I'd like to say my eating habits have improved immensely since I've gotten the book and tried recipes, but I'm still over weight.  I still struggle with the dessert and sugar that I use to satisfy some emotional eating. 

While I've found some successful recipes like black bean brownies, tofu mousse.  I tried to make her smoothie and it was just gross.  I bought whey protein which is the cleanest on the market (it has no form of sugar/sweetener) in it.  My smoothie had lots of fresh strawberries, milk, whey protein, ice cubes and cottage cheese.  IT WAS GROSS.  Not so much the taste but the smell.  It needs something and I can't figure out what.  I think the smell is from the whey.  I'm going to have to experiment. 

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