Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Plan out the window.

Why do I even try? My husband and I have decided now is the time to start a family. Me, being the planner - got right on it! I had it so planned out that I would "ovulate" over a weekend and my hubby and I would spend a romantic weekend together. So, we spent the weekend in a nice hotel while I kept testing for ovulation.

I'm one of those obsessive people that when something is on a timeline and its NOT on time, I keep trying to make it get back on track. Of course, I don't have control of when my body decides to ovulate, so i do the next best thing. I take the OPK twice a day. I've researched ovulation timing/delayed and pretty much everything. Some makes you feel better while others make you feel worse. The wonderful thing about blogs and the internet is there is always answers.
Today, I finally got the POSITIVE that ovulation is on its way! Whoo-hoo! Just gotta say, its a lot of work getting pregnant.

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