Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What makes THIS time different?

I don’t know if this time is different. I truly hope it is. Over the summer I watched the Family channel show Huge about teens at a fat camp. The season finale had a scene where the camp counselor says to the teen that losing weight allows her to not hate herself “as much”. For some reason this scene haunts me.

While I’m not as overweight as the teens on the show, I do relate and have 15-20 pounds to lose. I’ve been maintaining within 5-7 lbs but when I get down just can’t keep it down. Do I hate myself? What would losing the weight “do” for me? Why can’t I commit?

So, here I am with the desire to “eat clean” and get back to working out hard. I’ve pulled out the recent issue of Clean Eating magazine and know I have plenty of tv to watch while on my treadmill. Now, I just need to DO-IT! Can I? Will I?

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